Ultrasound Pest Repellent

TGF INVOLVEMENT: Category Building, Business Development & Business Management

DURATION : June 2013 to June 2017

Ultrasound Pest Repellent


A new product, a category by itself, was created by three partners who had expertise and experience in Plastics and Electronics. They created the product using ultrasound technology which irritates and drives away pests such as rats, rodents, cockroaches, silver fish etc. With their collective experience in manufacturing they were easily able to develop the circuitry, create the moulds and manufacture the product.


The challenge was entirely in the marketing domain – a non-existent category in India (Electronic Pest Repellents), a couple of very low cost Chinese products creating the impression of a fly-by-night product, low quantum of resources for marketing and brand building (being a start-up venture), scepticism about effectiveness of the technology in driving away pests etc.


TGF added value on various fronts – guided market research, appointment of advertising agency, gave inputs on product name & packaging design. Thereafter, providing execution support, TGF created B2B sales opportunities and helped in sales reaching 300 units per month at healthy profit margins. Thus a foundation was laid in the first year which was capitalized on, in the second & third year. The third year saw the company reaching sales of Rs.18 crores with multiple sales channels – online, teleshopping, corporate gifting, airport counter sales etc. New products had also been introduced with the objective of creating a strong portfolio of products in the same space.
In July 2017, business operations were handed back to the owners, bringing closure to a successful Build-Operate-Transfer effort by TGF.

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