WE ARE NOT HIRING ………………… in the traditional sense, as we don’t believe in building a employee-management structure for ourselves. What we do believe in …. is in human talent, human potential and human ability. On a daily basis, through our work, we help our clients create organisations that deliver better results by utilising innate talent, developing potential and challenging the abilities of their human capital. If you are someone who wants to look beyond earning a daily bread and finds uncharted waters exciting and hair-raising, then The Growth Factory might be the place for you.

We are presently looking for young enterprising leaders & managers who want to test their entrepreneurial capability without having to risk any of their own capital. Of course, Entrepreneurship and Risk do go hand-in-hand and so in the positions we have to offer, the executives will have to forego the comforting cushion of a high fixed salary and learn to grow their own compensation by growing the business that they are in charge of. Yes, you read it right. The positions we have on offer are complete business management positions where you will be in-charge of a business vertical and grow it from where it is today to where you envision it to be tomorrow. You will have to develop business strategy, use resources prudently, generate new resources, develop business, squeeze out a contribution margin, manage customer relationships and hold your breath …. build your own team & be responsible for your own success and failure. But wait …. We are not throwing you in the deep end of the pool all alone. You will have the benefit of the width & depth of experience & expertise of our core team members – Kiran, Chiranjeev & Tanya at your beck & call. The same expertise that our clients pay us big bucks for. And you will have the benefit of the goodwill we have generated in the marketplace in the last 13 years of our company’s existence.

Send us your credentials on if you are interested in any of the two positions we have presently on offer : Business Head – Corporate Training &  Business Head – Start-up Support.