Success Stories

Assignment : TGF was engaged by Google India in 2018 to coach CEOs of Digital Marketing Companies based in Delhi, Pune & Mumbai, over a 12 month period.

Deliverable : We customized coaching inputs to address their specific business needs & challenges, after a comprehensive insight on the roadblocks encountered. Coaching insights included –

  • Envisioning & Strategizing for the future of the company
  • Developing a strong second line of command (to the CEO)
  • Geographic expansion
  • Leadership development
  • Monitoring of business performance dashboards

Assignment : A young, third generation scion of a well established, 7 decade old distribution company was faced with the challenge of building out a robust management team.

Deliverable : TGF helped him create one, comprising Heads of Finance, Procurement, Distribution Centres, IT, and  HR – and set the team in place in 120 days flat.

Phase 2 of the project was to support the entrepreneur in being able to manage, review and align the teams through team alignment meetings.

With this smooth management setup and enhanced bandwidth, the company is well placed to manage its own growth and leverage on more growth opportunities in their industry.

Assignment : A Mumbai based second generation scion of an Audio-Visual Integration business was challenged  to build a competent sales & marketing team.

Deliverable : TGF coached him to develop the skills and abilities needed to  –

  • Provide sound leadership & direction to this team.
  • Hone recruitment skills to employ the right talent.
  • Delegate day to day operations to a Sales Director and thus make time for strategizing.
  • Install strong reporting & review systems.
  • Make objective decisions for unbiased and uninterrupted business growth.

The result – the company’s order book grew 5X in about 4 years.

Assignment : building a packaged sugar brand and professionalizing the marketing operations of a 40 year old country liquor brand for a sugar co-operative in Maharashtra

Deliverable : Consumer research, Recruitment of a senior Sales leader, Planning for product launches, and setting the review & monitoring process in place have been some of the accomplishments thus far.

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