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Brief Description – Adopting a B2C mind-Set & acquiring requisite know-how to create a retail distribution network – for a core B2B team.

Background – The Security Solutions Division of a large Indian Conglomerate was getting into the retail consumer market with a portfolio of “Home Safes”. Hitherto, the team had for decades sold to large Banks & Financial Institutions their Walk-in Lockers and Vaults. The need of the hour was to quickly understand all the nuances & intricacies of a consumer retail market and set up a robust distribution network reaching thousands of retailers. Needless to say, given the work experience background of the team, it was quite a challenging task.

Deliverable – TGF, post a field-survey created a custom 2-day workshop which was completely application oriented. The content included :

  • Understanding Indian consumer market & the importance of Distribution in serving this market
  • Identifying appropriate retail channels for the product portfolio
  • Setting goals territory wise for – market penetration and distribution width & depth required to achieve these goals
  • Profiling, evaluating & appointing suitable distributors.
  • Understanding Distributor management & distributor ROI

Brief Description – Shifting Mind-Set & approach from transaction based selling to relationship based selling, looking at customers through the prism of annual business potential & measuring sales performance in terms of share of customer’s business

Background – The Indian business of one of the largest global Logistics companies in the world was being challenged by its new India CEO to think big and transform their approach to market. The need of the hour was to manage target achievement with better sales management processes – right prospecting, relationship building, selling value and maintaining continuity of business. For a team which was very experienced but very used to moving from inquiry to inquiry, this shift was quite a significant one to make.

Deliverable – TGF, post a field-survey created a custom 3-day workshop. The content included :

  • Prospecting “right” customers with adequate research, profiling
  • Skill Development – Probing, uncovering needs, Handling Price objections and selling value
  • Sales Funnel Management – Achieving stretch targets consistently
  • Shifting mind-set from transactions to share of customer and annual sales potential value

Brief Description – Teaching critical concepts of applied finance to a Business Development team comprising of science graduates & nursing professionals

Background – One of the largest MNCs in the business of hospital bed rentals wanted their business development team to understand the financial implications of business decisions that the team was making. Decisions such as buffer stock kept at customer premises, turnaround time and revenue potential based on optimum turn-around time etc. Considering that the team had a background in science & nursing, the concepts had to be explained in as practical a way as possible. Equally challenging was that the learning had to be imparted in just a 3 hr session

Deliverable – TGF held 2 brainstorming sessions with senior management – CEO, Finance director & Marketing director – to create the content. The following concepts were covered :

  • Understanding turnover as a “turning over” of capital
  • Reducing the amount of “idle” unproductive capital
  • Calculating revenue potential of rental assets
  • Negotiating with customers using the “hard” financial data and analysis, thereby saving management time in such activities.
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